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First Post!

Hello from Pennsylvania!

My brother and I are going to be building two of the DIY kits.

We already have flown the FT Explorer.

I'm torn between the FT-22 and the Sportster.

Any suggestions? This will be our 2nd planes.



Hello and welcome to the forum! What region of PA are you from? I live near York.

I've never flown either of these planes, so I can't really give you a recommendation. You should get plenty of good feedback on here, though.
I have built 2 of each over time. For a long time the Sportster was my favorite go_to plane (until I built the Mustang) The F22 is alot of fun, but a very different flying experience than a plane with ailerons. (BTW both F22's have been murdered) Flaperons take a minute to get used to...but the sound that pusher makes is a joy to hear for the first time...a real head turner. I don't mean to give unsolicited advice, but if you are leaning towards a mini pusher...the mini Arrow is a hoot...and probably the easiest craft to build in the entire FT fleet. It rewards you with an awesome flying experience, and has that pusher sound that I love sooo much. If you have some flying confidence, size either pusher with the F-Pack...if not use the A size motor.

If you do go with the F22, cut yourself a few spare noses right from the start...it will NOT be a wasted effort. I promise. ;)

Good luck,


Flite is good
Welcome to the forums.

I've flown the F-22 but not the Sportster. I have flown plenty of planes similar to the sportster. The F-22 is fun to fly but it is not a "go to" all around plane. More of a niche. You will probably get more enjoyment, in the long run, from the Sportster.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Keep us posted on your progress and share pictures or video whenever possible.