1. B

    Need help with finding CG

    So i have been working with a friends and we designed a SR-72 (Dark Star). We are in final stages getting ready for flight. We need to find CG. How can we get this? There are no real life scale specs on the plan yet since it still is in production and should be done around 2025-2030. Which makes...
  2. FoamyDM

    SR-72 DarkStar, 1:20 Scale, design by FoamyDM

    The Goal is to create a 5"proped, 6s powere BDF style RC replica of the SR-72 dubbed son of Blackbird (SR-71). It is also Darkstar, the Mach10 plane from Top Gun - Maverick. History Lockheed Martin posted on its website, the Top Gun: Maverick team called them when they were looking for a mean...