star wars

  1. CatholicFlyer

    Update To The X-Wing Flyer

    I just watched the Star Wars X-Wing Flyer and I noticed it seemed under powered even for the size, I would upgrade it and make it bigger, with foam, carbon fiber, and balsa wood, plus the four jet engines like it has in the movie and try to put some sort of workable paint ball guns on it.
  2. S

    Podracer Build

    Would it be possible to use various types of motors to build a form of functioning podracer? The more I've been getting into building, the more I've wondered but I don't have as much of the know how that a lot of other people on here would have. My thought was two jet engines would sit at the...
  3. T

    Star Wars speeder bike

    Somebody just sent me this link and I just had to share it!!
  4. D

    Darth Vader "Death syrum drone"

    I would like to see you guys build the "death serum drone" in the Darth Vader/Princess Leigh prison cell scene. Make it give Josh his flu shot. Lol. No really, put a foam needle on it, please! For all our sakes.
  5. Rames

    X-Wing feasibility study

    I've seen a few RC x-wings on the web (there's even a trainer in this forum). But they usually have a canard up front or a pusher/slot prop. All creative and viable ideas, but I've been thinking about something a bit more scale looking with EDFs. However, many challenges to overcome. My first...