Podracer Build


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Would it be possible to use various types of motors to build a form of functioning podracer? The more I've been getting into building, the more I've wondered but I don't have as much of the know how that a lot of other people on here would have. My thought was two jet engines would sit at the front with a housing that would support bidirectional airflow capability, similar to a harrier, using servos to adjust an internal flap to direct the airflow. That housing would also theoretically be able to house the speed controllers, maybe more, and have a rudder behind. The cockpit construction could utilize a motor that would only provide downward thrust and could house additional electronics and possibly an fpv camera.

Would the elements combined be too heavy? Would it be possible to program the internal airflow control to be tied to the throttle so the vehicle would go from 0 to hover to forward motion?


Custom motor mixing is one place to start. You would need a highly customizable FC. it would need to provide just enough thrust to stay off the ground. Doable, I bet. But difficult to tune.


Another issue to consider is how to counter the torque. Without a rigid frame the motor and housing will want to spin opposite to the direction of rotation. Maybe counter rotating fans or something? Anyway, it would be cool if someone could get it to work. Good luck!


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Using a highly efficient central source for lift sounds interesting.

Simple mixing with the "normal" motors sounds absolutely necessary, if you want it as efficient as possible. In that you would probably want the central thrust. . . again, something highly efficient such as combustion powered. . .whether be propped gas engines, or turbines, they would need to fluctuate their thrust rapidly and at least loosely follow (70 to 90% of thrust) of the electric motor's thrust range. If not, it's just an exercise in adding weight, complexity and extra cost.


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So if a rod were between the two main engine housings, that could theoretically keep the engines from trying to move around too much?


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I was thinking of making a pod racer.


My idea was to simply use two EDFs and differential thrust to steer it. I was planning on making mine only being able to slide across snow though. Just a stupid winter project that probably won't work. Although I remember seeing a video where someone put two EDFs onto a frisbee shaped snow sled with success.

I was going to build it rigid and make it somehow appear to be a pod racer. Maybe wooden dowels or thick wires to connect everything. I dunno. It was just an idea I had once.


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What about making each pod be a separate quadcopter, or tri?

Or, what about building a quadcopter with one prop in front and one behind each pod. It would only mock look like a pod racer, but would simply be a quadcopter. Or build a tricopter with a prop in front of each pod and the third being where the cockpit is. Again, trying to disguise it as much as possible to simply look like a pod racer. Of course you can't hide the props very well, but once the props are spinning, they're easy to ignore visually.


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A pod racer could be made pretty efficient if it takes advantage of ground effects... idk if it would hover well but at speed the ground effects could cushion the weight of the craft and differential thrust could provide yaw


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This but with a quadcopter instead of puppetry. (That is, dangle a model of a pod racer off of a quadcopter. Maybe even mount a camera between the quad and pod for some cool footage.)



THAT....looks like something that needs to be tried! :D

Not entirely obvious that it wouldn't work, but I'm certain there will be "issues"...however I think it has promise!