1. G

    FPV on STEM Planes / Power Pack

    In one episode / video, Josh attached an FPV camera to one of the STEM planes. 1) I can't find that episode, can anybody help? I remember it because he commented on how much the flight time was reduced by adding it. 2) How did he do that? I thought the video was a little vague on what camera and...
  2. J

    Plans for Cub STEM Glider

    Hello all - anyone got a link to some plans for the stem version of the cub glider - would be great for lock down education! Cheers
  3. bobalexander

    Micro Sparrow

    I had someone request the plans for a 25% Mini Sparrow for quick building. We build around 125 at a Maker Faire as make and take items - the kids loved them and they make great little chuck gliders. I did a STEM class where they experimented with the effect of changing the CG, removing paper...
  4. flitetest

    Plane FT EZ-Glider 1.0

    FT EZ Glider Design by: Josh Bixler Plans by: Dan Sponholz Description: The FT EZ Glider is a great introductory build to introduce you to the Flite Test line of DIY Airplanes. It's simple design and polyhedral wings allow for the EZ Glider to be built and flown with ease. Adjust the control...
  5. T

    STEM - Summer School Opportunity

    Hey All, I am transitioning from teaching history to being a full time STEm teacher next year. So far we are doing phone app and video game design, computer science, Windstorms EV3 robotics and an intro to STEM class. My admin has told me that the district is willing to pick up curriculum and...
  6. FoamyDM

    STEM Scouts

    I have many hats. Father, Husband, Engineer, Mentor, Climber, Friend, Geek, Dork and the somewhat recently added Wolf Den Leader of Cub Scout Pack 745 in Eastover, NC. With this hat comes training. Late last year I attended the best Leadership course I've been to. Wood Badge. Highly recommend...
  7. B

    5th Grader Science Project Help

    Hello All, My daughter has chosen an aviation themed Science Project due in April. She has to determine what will fly farther, a Long Paper Airplane or a Wide Paper Airplane. We have set some ground rules that it must be made out of a regular sheet of letter sized paper and it cannot have any...
  8. M


    STEM students in the upper elementary and middle school grades are in need of a trainer which can handle a high-wind environment. This plane/design, if developed, will become a stable of a STEM initiative beginning on Oahu which will teach science, tech, engineering, and math through aviation...
  9. M


    This is a request for a new design/plane that can be used in schools: I have a STEM initiative starting up soon which will focus on aviation and aerial robotics. RC airplanes provide a great way to introduce these topics, and will be one of the first units covered. Students and their parents...