FPV on STEM Planes / Power Pack


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In one episode / video, Josh attached an FPV camera to one of the STEM planes.
1) I can't find that episode, can anybody help? I remember it because he commented on how much the flight time was reduced by adding it.
2) How did he do that? I thought the video was a little vague on what camera and where to connect it. Also, it was a little unclear if they actually used it as FPV or if it was just recording and they injected the footage into the video.
Thank you in advance!
Happy flying!
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I have a Beta FPV VR01 FPV Goggles, I want to use the goggles to put a camera and transmitter on a plane or an RC car. Any suggestions on the cheap camera and transmitter to buy additionally and what voltage to I need to supply?