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    Giant 90" Freehand B-24(+2) Bomber/Streamer Tug Trial

    I got a wild hair... We're having an FPV Fun Fly this weekend at Southridge Park in Fontana, CA on the 11th. I decided to build the biggest multi engine bomber I could so we could all take turns at cutting the streamers in groups. I elected for twin tail, and used dual elevator servos for...
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    Pylon racing with extras.

    Challengenge: 1. Set up a pylon racing course of a reasonable size (more than two pylons.) 2. Measure out about 5-6 feet of streamer. 3. Cut the streamer down the middle (so its half as wide.) 4. Attach one half streamer to the back of any ultra micro of your choosing. 5. Attach the other half...