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    Micro nozzles thrust vectoring EDF Su-35 - a challange for Flite Test

    Hi Flite Test!!! I thought I will give you a hard project. You have already made F-22 from America, JA-37 from Europe, maybe it's time for something Russian? :) Your goal is to make an EDF Su-35/Su-37 (or a mix of them, like Su-35 with canards :D) from foam/depron with advanced 3D fuselage and...
  2. B

    Hover A Jet

    Hi everyone, I was watching banana hobby's review on the twin 70mm edf su-35 jet (also available at hobbyking), pete mentioned something about hovering the jet. my challenge is to see who can hover this jet and if it's possible, who can do it the longest. Good Luck! Bxr Flip...