su - 47

  1. Matagami Designs

    Plane Sukhoi SU - 47 Berkut V1.0

    A low poly fold up SU-47 based on @Namactual 's datRhino Tested As an F pack motor, RS2205 2300kv, 20amp esc, HQProp's Ethix S5 5 x 4 x 3 prop. 1300mah battery. Full flying canard powered by 9 gram servo, and (x4) 5 gram servos for ailerons/elevators. TVC yaw control powered by an additional...
  2. jmrpb

    SU - 47 (Sukhoi) 3D Aerobatics

    Breaking the laws of Physics Swept Forward Wings and 3D Aerobatic FlightSwept forward wing For some time I have this thought – Build and fly a swept forward wing rc plane. Swept forward wings have incredible performance at slow speed with high AOA (angle of attack) capabilities and are also...