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  1. Archimedian

    DC-3 with suspension and split flaps DTFB

    WORKING SHOCK ABSORBERS Lets get to it. The plans for the fuselage and wing come from rcfbaircraft.com . They were 2 dollars and were quite comprehensive. While numerous changes were made, the plans were invaluable to the final form. Wingspan 55" RTF weight 850grams Motor 1900kv ESC 12a...
  2. Archimedian

    Pen-Spring Shock Absorbers for 55" DC3

    This is an attempt to use aluminum tubing from a craft store to fabricate spring loaded landing gear for my DC3 winter build. rcfbaircraft.com offers a good set of plans for the airframe. First, a detail of the DC3 undercarriage. Supplies Select two diameters of aluminum tubing that are...
  3. P

    Landing gear suspension with dampening - maybe.

    Hey all. After seeing some great examples of board isolation on multicopters thought some of these ideas might also apply to landing gear. So, the idea I've borrowed is to use earplugs as suspension and I hope the attached image explains this. BTW, not sure about outer/inner diameters of CF...