take off

  1. Belial2801

    plane doesn't go straight

    hello, some time ago I had a problem with my first plane because it didn't move straight, I stopped the project and a few days ago I thought I had it ready so I tried it and surprisingly it moved straight (I tried it without the wings), today I built the plane (with wings) and the problem...
  2. GuardianVex

    Help! Quad Unbinds at takeoff

    Timestamp : 3:40 5:25 I have the same issue as him and have no issue for the drone externally and all the parts are in good condition (436) Do not buy the Eachine QX95 until you watch this. - YouTube
  3. dposthuma

    Crashed on Take-Off...twice!

    I admit it, I am a novice. But I am experienced in building many mechanical and electrical things throughout my years. So, I decided to build the FliteTest Corsair. Build seemed to go fine. But I am experiencing a serious problem on take-off. On my first take-off attempt, the plane got three...
  4. N

    Take off problem!

    Hello ya, How ya doing? I have problem with take off. Recently I bought a FT Dust (https://store.flitetest.com/ft-duster-speed-build-kit/). I build it correctly and following every step carefully. Before the flight I did everything like range check, power, etc. everything work. The problem is I...
  5. L

    Tricopter first flight issues.

    So i got my tricopter working and i keep trying to attempt to take it off but usually one side allways rolls over the other. It is way to sensitive also. Is there any tips that can make it much mellower on the sick and take off evenly?