taranis frsky x9d+

  1. zhengning95

    Flysky FS I6 Custom Paint Job

    This is my first time performing Hydrodipping on my Flysky FS-I6, which explains the poor transfer on the back of the TX. Nonetheless, this weekend project was inspired and motivated by Fuzzy Whumpkin from this thread:https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/flysky-fs-i6-custom-paint.32241/...
  2. J

    Taranis X9D Plus 2019 No D8 mode!

    Hi all! I’ve recently purchased a newbee drone which requires D8 mode. I’ve watched many videos on flashing new firmware on to the radio, which hasn’t been successful in terms of reactivating D8 mode. Apparently it’s been turned off and by not checking the eu box before flashing allows you to...
  3. F

    Help! xm+ receiver not flashing

    hi everyone. ı try to bim my xm+ receiver with my taranis but receiver always has solid red and green lihgts so ı try to flash my receiver but ı always get module not responding error . how can ı fix this problem. ı tried all firmwares for xm+ like lbt or fcc but it didint work. please help me