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tbs unify pro

  1. Roandb

    Rubbish FPV video on TBS Unify Pro

    Recently added a few parts to an existing FPV build. New motors and 4s to 6s battery jump. All of a sudden my FPV video is rubbish, very low penetration and I got a max of 700ft open field test (sounds far but it’s really not). I’m running a TBS unify pro at 500mw with a TBS triumph pro on the...
  2. L

    Problem with Discolored and Glitchy Camera Image

    Hello, I am having an issue where my fpv camera image is very discolored (everything is green, blue, and black), and sometimes it switches the top and bottom half of the image. I am using a Runcam Eagle and TBS Unify Pro. This problem occurred when I transferred the parts of my drone to a new...