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Problem with Discolored and Glitchy Camera Image


I am having an issue where my fpv camera image is very discolored (everything is green, blue, and black), and sometimes it switches the top and bottom half of the image. I am using a Runcam Eagle and TBS Unify Pro. This problem occurred when I transferred the parts of my drone to a new frame. I am very confused, however, since I wired everything the exact same way as on the old frame (I checked all my solder connections). The Unify Pro and the camera are both paralleled off of a 5V/3A UBEC, as well as the Naze32 and the MinimOSD. To isolate any other possible factors, I unsoldered the camera from the OSD, and soldered it directly to the Unify video-in wire. I also unsoldered the power wires of the Naze and the OSD from the UBEC. However, I still get the issue. I tried switching the camera to straight battery power, and the same thing happened. Could this be a fried camera? Or could it be a problem with the Unify?

Thanks in advance!


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Does it look like these videos?

These are all the same camera with various VTX and antenna set ups on two different quads. I FINALLY figured out its a bad sensor in a Runcam Swift mini that was bad out of the box. I just sent it back for a trade in yesterday. I think they may have a batch of sensors that maybe contaminated some how during the build process.
No, its even worse, the discoloration is all the time. Here is a picture: IMG_2853.jpg
It's odd, since I had this problem for a short while on my last frame, but I fixed it by paralleling everything off the UBEC. But now apparently that doesn't work either, unless something happened with the camera or Unify


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My guess the issue is with the camera. What are your settings? You didn't accidentally switch it to permanent nigh mode, did you?
I haven't tried to change, or even looked at, the settings of my camera actually lol. It worked very well with what it came set as. Could there be a way to accidentally do it?


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I doubt it would if you've never gone into the settings. I've always owned Swifts, never an Eagle. The default is an auto detect mode. I was just thinking that it may have been stuck. Are the colors messed up when you have it in daylight outside?

Do you still have the RCA cables that came with the Eagle? Perhaps you could hook it up to a TV to test it.
Hmm the problem went away after I changed the power level of my TBS Unify from 200mW to 25mW... but the really weird thing is that after I resoldered everything back up again, I tried changing it back to 200mW... and it worked perfectly. Guess we'll have to see after my maiden flight if it comes back.