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  1. Plans made in inkscape, printed on poster board

    Plans made in inkscape, printed on poster board

  2. Mikey-101234

    Help! Making plane templates

    How do you make a template for a plane?
  3. tmack

    Template for FT Versa Wing

    I cut the first half of the FT Versa Wing and realized that I am going to probably do this several more times. My son wants to race and combat together, plus his friends are going to get hooked when they see this plane. With a bunch of 13 year olds I figure I might be building a few of these...
  4. Fygar

    Plywood FT Flyer

    Anyone every try to build and FT Flyer out of plywood? No not really. I did make templates for an FT Flyer though. A much cheaper alternative to springing for your own laser cutter. This makes building another very fast because you only have to print and tile together the plans once. If...
  5. M

    9xr Template for a Tricopter

    Hi, can anyone tell me witch 9xr Template is best to use for a Tricopter The Heli seem to be OK, but it has some issues. I was hopeing if something mite work better, Thanks
  6. K

    lasercut tricopter middle sections

    Hi, I'm selling lasercut tricopter middle sections. It is the Optimized RCExplorer Tricopter Template (thanks Colorex and RCExplorer for this). They are lasercut from 4mm birch plywood and weigh 29 grams for a set(top + bottom). The flitetest logo is laser engraved, the dot is the COG. They...