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Template for FT Versa Wing


New member
Versa Wing.jpg

I cut the first half of the FT Versa Wing and realized that I am going to probably do this several more times. My son wants to race and combat together, plus his friends are going to get hooked when they see this plane. With a bunch of 13 year olds I figure I might be building a few of these. I used the tiled plans which I needed to adjust on the foam board before cutting. After I cut the first side I decided to transfer the plans to poster board.

I marked the air foil score lines on both sides of the template and cut three perpendicular slits over the score lines so I could quickly mark the score lines on the next wing.

I bought firewalls, power pods and control horns from the FT store. The control horns are so much simpler than my old box of plastic control horns.

One thing I plan on doing is decorating the wing before installing the control rods. I have light weight colored packing tape.