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  1. R

    Tip: Buzzer volume adjuster

    who has ever been annoyed by the buzzer, hands up :p one simple solution is ofc sticking a piece of tape on it, but this can also be quite tricky if its not all too well accessible and it just creates lots of unnecessary rubbish then you could also unplug it or add an off switch, on the other...
  2. M

    I'm FLYING!! Well - lucky drifting :) Thank you! - and tip on the wooden booms

    Thank you to the various folk who asked questions and made suggestions to get my Dragonfly pentacopter working! Second photo is the copter - love the colored blades for directional visibility! I left and right sided them rather than back/front. My wooden boom legs were taking some strong hits...
  3. Maksym

    An Intro to Aerobatics Idea

    I think that it will be a good idea to specifically make a video in detail to advance the new pilots of the hobby to learn how to do aerobatic maneuvers. I'm also new to the hobby, only had five flights with the Dynam Smart Trainer. Now I would like to have some tips and tricks to impress my...
  4. T

    Video of How to Repair a Broken DX6i antenna!

    Here is a video I made showing how to fix a Broken DX6i Antenna