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An Intro to Aerobatics Idea


Full Scale Pilot
I think that it will be a good idea to specifically make a video in detail to advance the new pilots of the hobby to learn how to do aerobatic maneuvers. I'm also new to the hobby, only had five flights with the Dynam Smart Trainer. Now I would like to have some tips and tricks to impress my friends already since they have a low attention span. Please put your thoughts on the idea!

-Maksym Medvid

Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
Im all for this idea. May all proffessional/advanced flyers please consider making Good tutorials for the rest of us?
Thank you.


Winter is coming
FliteTest have already done a great beginner series of videos that includes acrobatics. I was able to apply that well while learning.


Amateur pilot and builder
HobbyKing released a series of "how to fly 3D" videos that are pretty good. I know they aren't FT videos but I don't think the FT guys have a 3D pilot (or Heli pilot for that matter) on the staff.