1. ScottyWarpNine

    My Custom Solder Station Caddy

    While this isn't exactly RC content, my soldering iron is a tool that I use very often within the hobby, and this caddy makes it much easier to transport when making trips to the field or to events.
  2. nhk750

    What tool is this???

    I found this tool in my hobby tool collection and I cant figure out what it is for. It is driving me crazy, I looked everywhere on the web too...anyone?
  3. W

    Toolbox of tools for a miniquad build

    Hello all, I am thinking about building a versacopter, and am wondering how many tools i'd actually need if i want to build, fly, and repair it, and all other little accessories that are easy to forget like velcro, heatshrink.... Thanks a lot!
  4. P

    Actual Toolbox

    What do you guys use to store your tools? Clearly "a toolbox" is a bit too simple an answer, otherwise I wouldn't have asked. I currently have a sizable for all my tools. My wood tools, my mechanical tools, my electrical tools, nails, screws, soldering iron, heat shrink, etc. It fits, barely...
  5. R

    Identify The Name of This Tool(s)?

    Hello Everyone, I have attached screen caps of a tool(s) the build referred to as "1 2 3 blocks". Does anyone know if that's the actual name of these (or similar item) and where I might find them?
  6. R

    What kind of equipment do you use for building?

    I would like to see a Builders Tip show or a webpage showing us what kind and brand of equipment you use in your builds. I finally saw Josh show us the glue gun he was using. But what about a cordless glue gun, glue sticks, foam tape, etc. Other building supplies and tools. Promote the tools and...
  7. B

    Drill or Press

    Hi, I am totally new at this hobby and I am planing to build my first quad. Since I am new at this hobby I don't have many of the tool required to make the quad. I am planning to by a drill but I am not sure if I should by a drill press instead. I have never touched a drill so I thought maybe a...