What kind of equipment do you use for building?


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I would like to see a Builders Tip show or a webpage showing us what kind and brand of equipment you use in your builds. I finally saw Josh show us the glue gun he was using. But what about a cordless glue gun, glue sticks, foam tape, etc. Other building supplies and tools. Promote the tools and supplies you use. For us new comers, the more information the better. I was extremely glad to see the article about the bad glue sticks. Thank you.
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I've looked around for a nice glue gun before I finally bought mine. I went for a little more expensive one - a "Steinel Gluematic 5000":


Besides all the features the manufacturer lists I liked that I can use it cordless for a few minutes and as soon as I put it back on the stand it heats the gun again. And if I need it for a longer time, I can use the cord that is plugged into the stand and attach it to the gun.


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