1. ServoCity

    Tech Tip - The Measurement of Torque

    In our latest Secret Life of a Servo series Jason dives into the world of understanding the measurement of servo torque!
  2. C

    Oversized props?

    So I currently have a Hobby Zone Super Cub W/SAFE and the airframe is pretty broken and damaged, but however still very repairable. But since I've been wanting to build my own plane for a while now, I was thinking about using the parts in the Cub and using them in my new plane. I also lost my...
  3. Hayduke27

    Storch turning HARD left

    Hi everyone, I just completed my Storch and took it out for a maiden attempt on Thanksgiving day. This is the biggest plane I have maidened, and it is my first 4 channel that does not include a gyro stabilizer. I have expo dialed in at 30% and dual rate is at 70%. I built it with flaps, and...
  4. A

    [Tricopter] weird torque issue

    Hello Flitetest community After a minor crash with my tricopter it seems to generate way less CW torque than the FC expects, making the tri spin CCW. To compensate, I have to bring the tail rotor in a position where it's sligtly tilted to the left rather than being tilted significantly to the...
  5. R

    Old Speedster prop rotation

    Hi all, I purchased a 9047R SF prop from HobbyKing. As I look at the prop from the front of the plane it will be rotating clockwise. Did I buy the wrong direction of rotation? I know this plane is sensitive to torque...