Old Speedster prop rotation


Most single prop planes rotate counter clockwise, and it causes a torque pull to the left, This plane tends to pull left according to the build video and doesnt want to turn right, so they off set the wing to help counter that. I would think that a counter rotating prop like you have there might just workout! Hum..... Now I want one of those props for my speedster cuz it is a wild left turner! OH also no problem with running that prop just switch 2 of the motor wires and it will change direction.


Viper Tech, my Speedster is also a "wild left turner" I have checked and rechecked everything. Finally got it to fly barely controllable with a lot of rudder and a fixed "flap" on the left wing. I also propped down to an 8x3.8. Doesn't fly near as well as the three Old Fogeys that I have built. Later on, I might build another Speedster and see if it turns out better. No pun intended.