1. M

    My simple cub

    well this is the simple cub i was able to build from scratch its my first ever build so its not perfect but it can fly i think it can i didn't gave it dihedral the setup im using is a 40 amp esc a 2200 mah battery A2212 1400 kv motor along with 9g servos and a 10 inch prop i would really...
  2. S

    Servos locations - In or Out?

    Hi I have a question regarding servos placements: Flite Test designs usually place the servos inside the fuselage and away from the tail or wing edge. I find placing the servos on the side of the fuselage easier and more efficient. Does anyone think this can cause an issue with the flight...
  3. esbirabbit

    Scale Trainers

    I think it would be really cool if there were scale trainers. There are two in particular I would really like to see: -Westland Lysander - De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk Keep up the good work!