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    Naze32 + Cleanflight - Motors spin rapidly up and stop

    Well, it's me again... I've got a new problem with my 230mm quad... First of all, I got it flying for like 4 minutes yesterday, which is good, it flew pretty well. When I tried it later that day again it started showing some weird behaviour: When I arm it, the motors start spinning at minimum...
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    Turnigy 9x + Naze32 + Cleanflight Configurator - Receiver problems

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and sadly the first thing I have to contribute is me bugging you with a problem that I have with building my second quad (a sub 250 quad). The quad uses a Naze32 flight controller (Revision 6), 4 x 12 Amp Afro ESCs, 4 x MultiStar Elite 2300KV motors and a...
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    Turnigy 9x and trinity head tracking

    Could use some help. I have a turnigy 9x with the frsky module and my receiver has 8 channels. im using channels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 (my flight mode switch). I recently bought a pan tilt roll system which requires 3 channels for head tracking. The issue im having is the head tracking system only...
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    9X w/ er9x FrSky, etc.

    All Sold All Sold