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  1. C

    need help with my eagle tree odd settings

    for over 3 years i have a eagle tree osd pro setup but never got it to work right. It is used in a twinstar complete with gps and gardian expander. The odd video link part is working ;its the return to home and stabilisation part that is not ; each time i try the rth test feature it tries to...
  2. K

    Multiplex Twinstar brought back to life

    @ StoneKap: Hi. I just wanted to share with you a project that has taken my interest in flying to a new level. For about 6-7 years now, i've had an old Twinstar lying around in it's original brushed version, with some damages and missing parts. I got it with some other used Rc parts back then...
  3. fliteadmin

    FPV Twinstar Version 01

    We receive many requests regarding this plane. The official Flite Test FPV Twinstar is our workhorse. Weather it's beautiful cloud shots, chasing a plane for review, or an awesome sunset, this plane has been a wonderful FPV platform. Initially it was referred to me by David Windestal from...