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umx pitts

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    Need help choosing 2nd plane

    Hi, Have had my first rc plane for a while now (P-51d ultra micro), and while I am not currently looking for a new plane, I suspect I will in the near future and would like some input from people with experience. Sorry if I have missed anything, this is my first time posting and just made my...
  2. V

    Trouble with umx Pitts

    Hello, I thought myself how to fly with the champ and then moved on to the umx space walker and umx corsair. After having mastered the corsair I felt I was ready for the next level and got the Pitts but I am having a lot of trouble flying it. I can do all the acrobatics with the corsair so I...
  3. C

    UMX Pitts First Flight

    The UMX Pitts uses a 2S 200mAh battery that some of the Blade copters use. It isn't compatible with the regular 2S plug. I had a wait a week after getting the plane while I waited for my EFLA700UM adaptor cable so I could charge the batteries and fly. After I picked up the connector I...