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    My Oversized FT Explorer, Long Version

    If you like a longwinded story, read on. If not, skip to at least chapter 4, the summary. (and it probably could have used some proofreading). I don't know... I wrote this. Love it or leave it but please try to be nice. Chapter 1: The Great Friend After I built my FT Tiny Trainer from a...
  2. S

    Old Speedster underpowered?

    Hey guys, I built the Old Speedster this week, and it weighs about 500g, while the FT plans say it should be 350g (without battery). This might be because I don't use dollartree foamboard, but that aside, the speedster feels a little underpowered. I use the Turnigy Park300 1380kv from my Flyer...