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united kingdom

  1. JamesWhom

    New Flite Test style Companies; Copyright, kits and spreading the hobby

    So, a new FT style company. Intrigued? I have, for a good four or five years now, been very engaged with the FT community. I have been continuly expanding my outreach to different areas - first planes, then making videos, then designing, then getting into multirotors, writing articles... I've...
  2. T

    Episode suggestion - Gravity vs Lift challenge

    Like a lot of the Flitetest community, my interest in RC remained dormant for many years after my introduction at an early age. When I discovered FT in September 2014, I had a new Apprentice in my hands within 48 hours and had taught myself to fly within a week (after Apprentice no. 2 was...
  3. B

    Rottingdean Minature Airshow, International Drone Day Team Brighton

    Is anyone going, how about a little FliteTest meet up there? It's in the UK International Drone Day. Team Brighton at The Deans Leisure Centre, Longhill High School, Falmer Road, Rottingdean, Brighton BN2 7FR The event is free of charge, with donations welcome to support Beacon Hub and...
  4. T

    UK EU Foam Board Distribution?

    Hello FT Community What would your thoughts be (FT Community) on a UK / EU Distribution of similar to Dollar Tree Foam board (lighter than the stuff we can get now) and at a much lower price. We would be looking at around the £2.00 or better per A1 sheet in packs of 10. I have a manufacturer...
  5. A

    UK - Foam board at a reasonable price - FOUND !

    I've been looking for a good price for foam board, here in the UK. It's hard to compete with the Dollar store stuff you US guys can buy. As well as being labeled 'foam board', it's also know as 'poster board and 'presentation board' over here. Is that also true of the U.S. ? Viking direct...
  6. S

    NOOB ALERT: Fpv setup questions.. :D

    Okay so here is the basic problem that i have.. As much as i read around the topic of FPV there are still a few things i am failing to understand.. I understand that its not as simple as buying a few bits and bobs and BOOM.. ur 'fpving' Looking at setting up a reasonably cheap fpv rig...