1. L Edge

    Finally, the A-10 64 mm EDF 5 bladed Warthog Flies !!!!!!!!!!!! (chucked by hand)

    After many battles dealing with the A-10 with EDF's, the war has been won. Many versions of the FT A-10"s have been produce with propellers in the ducts or in front or rear. See the threads dealing with the FT A-10's and EDF's. My battle took alike A-10 and covered three main problems...
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    New FT A-10. G Bitzer, Atlanta GA
  3. IMG_9103.jpeg


    New FT A-10. G Bitzer, Atlanta GA
  4. P

    Multirotor acrobatic flying (warthox style)

    Hi all, Since I couldn't find any "acrobatic" multirotor flying thread on the forum, I thought about starting a thread in the electric multirotor section, and eventually, if enough people is (or get) hooked to it, maybe creating a section for it in the "specialty flying" section ! :) So, to...