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waterproof foamboard

  1. Starfleet42

    What tape to use on the brown waterproof foamboard?

    I am adding tape to reinforce a wing, and tested some Up&Up (Target brand) packing tape on the brown surface of the board, and it did NOT want to stick to it. Granted, it's not great packing tape to begin with, but is there a recommended brand or type of packing tape that reliably sticks well?
  2. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 - April Showers Challenge

    FTFC20 - April Showers Challenge Simple - Build a Waterproof Plane and Fly in the Rain or on a waterbody! OFFICIAL RULES: Make a Build log that contains the following: (100 pts) Plane name (10 pts) plans link (5 pts) statement of why you chose it (5 pts) stats (5 pts) build log - (40 pts)...
  3. R

    Ann Arbor , Milan (Michigan) area waterproof foamboard joint order?

    Anyone around here interested in buying some waterproof foamboard? We're looking for someone to put in for 10 sheets or so ($1.80 ea is the cost including shipping) . pm me if you're interested.