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  1. Battery800

    Help! Mighty Mini PBY

    Since I the thread for the PBY Catalina has not been active, I am posting this here. My issue is that I don’t understand where the formers go and how the tower comes together. Also, how does the hatch assemble? If anyone has built this plane or thinks they can help, please do! . Side question...
  2. Rowinj13

    Virtuially weightless DTFB waterproofing

    Okay, so I am fairly new to the RC world and have to say I love everything about Flite Test. I have already built the FT Tiny Trainer, and am getting ready to build the FT Mini Mustang and Spitfire. I live in Michigan and have to deal with wet conditions for at least 3/4 of the year so I was...
  3. hotbrass2005

    Quadcopter at the beach?

    My wife and I are going on vacation next week to a quiet little beach in North Carolina. I'm planning on taking my mini quad and doing some flying around the beach where there aren't a lot of people. What should I do to the quad or take with me to keep from ruining it while on vacation? I got...
  4. T-Richard

    Waterproofing camera gear - A CAUTIONARY TALE!

    Long Story short, Video transmitters do not like water, they also do not like corrosion X. Liquid tape either... Cameras are equaly fragile. This is my dead gear and the result of an expensive and unsuccesful experiment. I fly a lot over water and snow and I wanted to protect my gear. Here is...
  5. S

    Covering with kraft paper

    Peter's method of waterproofing his planes applies to all foamboard planes. It covers the ragged simi-peeling edges of creations that makes our planes stand apart from commercial produced models. Provides solid base for painting and gives more durability. It allows for integration of other...