1. Jesse Dupreez

    Help! Fusion 360 rc plane design tutorial

    does anyone know the website for @Whit Armstrong tutorial for fusion 360 to design rc aeroplanes??
  2. ItMightFly

    Free Computer Background Resource(off-topic)

  3. J

    some questions about hobbyking.....

    Hello everybody Once again to my second post. If you want to know what i'm going to talk about please read my first post: So i bought all the stuff i need for the mighty ini= mustang kit but i still need a...
  4. D

    Battery Purchase Websites?

    I am in the process of building my first plane (FT Flyer) and am very new to the hobby. I have been successful in finding all the parts I need except for reasonably priced batteries. I have checked out hobby king and found that their shipping costs are pretty high which makes what seems like a...
  5. Z

    Bookmarks not working?

    A while back I added a few articles to my "bookmarks". I can access them on my profile, but when I click "remove from bookmarks", it does remove it, but when I come back to the page it still has them there. Also, if I try to add any bookmarks, they don't show up. Does anyone know why this is...
  6. RedTwenty

    Red20RC - New Australian website for building, flying and crashing!

    G'day :D I couldn't think of anywhere else in the forum to put this so I put it here (as it is sort of a service - albeit a free one). We've just launched a new website for building, flying and crashing FT style models and other electrics and gliders. We're interested in sharing stories, wins...
  7. A

    Register Twice :-/

    Is it just me (maybe!), but does everyone have to register twice before they can use this site fully? If you login/register using a link that takes you to this page: you will not be logged in or registered if you go via this link...