1. JGplanes

    Skin White Diamond Skin Pack 1 2019-10-11

    Add some flair to your next White Diamond build with this first pack of skins. Print on 6 sheets of 8"x11" paper and use 3M 77 to glue it to a single sheet of foam. Cut lines are already on the skin. I like to cover mine with clear contact paper before I begin cutting out the shape. Enjoy!
  2. JGplanes

    Plane White Diamond Plans 1.2

    The White Diamond was originally designed in my head over a work lunch, and stemmed from a desire to build a small, fast plane using only one sheet of foam board in the minimum amount of time possible. Influenced by my love for sleek stealth aircraft, this plane takes a unique approach to single...
  3. Andre

    Been a while - Twin EDF Jet

    So it started out with a set of 64mm (3S) EDF motors and some 40AMP ESCs. It ended with what appears to be a decent setup. Fingers crossed. The initial glide tests showed me I could move the battery closer to the main fuse and shorten the nose section. The 2nd round tests with flight controls...
  4. Bob A

    Waterproofing the older 'white' foam board

    I thought I remembered that the hot glue does not stick to the foam board after it has been coated with Water Based Minwax Polycrylic? If so, coating the parts BEFORE assembly is out of the question and I need to assemble the aircraft first. Is this correct? Thanks, Bob