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The White Diamond was originally designed in my head over a work lunch, and stemmed from a desire to build a small, fast plane using only one sheet of foam board in the minimum amount of time possible. Influenced by my love for sleek stealth aircraft, this plane takes a unique approach to single sheet foam planes. The first flight was not a success, but after a weekend of thinking through the physics and aerodynamics, I found that the plane needed slight downward reflex instead. After this minor adjustment, it flew like a dream! I have since built several more and flown them with micro FPV, as well as flying the original prototype in combat at FliteFest Ohio in 2017. I wanted to give back to the community, so after two years of tweaking and prepping, I'm please to release these plans for others to build also.

Build Video:

Length: 21"/533mm
Wingspan: 19.5"/495mm
Weight w/o battery: 117g
Gross Weight: 192g

Needed to Complete:
FT Power Pack A or equivalent

  • Motor: 1806 2280kv
  • Propellor: 6 x 3
  • ESC: 12amp
  • Servos: 2x 4.5g
  • Battery: 850mAh 3s
  • Receiver: 4+channel featherweight receiver
  • 3Dprinted firewall (download or buy one) or make your own from plywood
  • Misc building tools
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