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  1. nhk750

    Fort Warden State Park in Washington State

    Got a chance for a quick flight between storms. It was very windy though and I only got up for 5 minutes then decided to land as the wind was blowing around 20mph and gusting. Used my Trainstar Exchange 4.
  2. S

    First tree incident

    So was out flying in some strong winds today with the versa wing. Was all good until I decided to dive the trees and didn't pull up in time haha. I think it was a combination of wind gust and not seeing the very top of the tree on my tiny 5" screen. Hence climbing the tree to recover it. Videos...
  3. M

    Storm Flyer

    I'm looking for suggestions and ideas from anyone who may be familiar with an electric r/c plane capable of handling more extreme conditions - specifically high winds that will attempt to toss it around. I'm looking for something that is like a WC-130, WC-130J, or WC-121N in terms of function...
  4. B

    FT Delta - winter blast!

    Hi, I have just returned from the local field having maidened the Delta with the 2826/10 1400kv motor from Hobby King. 850mah battery. It really flies great, especially in wind. I also flew the Bixler 2 which was bouncing all over the place. The Delta was much better. Luckily it didn't need any...
  5. T

    Help tuning quad for windy conditions...

    Hey guys I built a 450 sized quad that weighs right at 1200g. It is built around a multiwii 328p board. I have been tuning it indoors in a big multi-purpose building at my church. Indoors it flies awesome. It feels super locked-in and stable and takes great video. But when I take it outside...
  6. C

    Who can make the largest Foam board plane

    Love the show, wish I could get down to NEAT to meet you guys, maybe I can talk my wife into next year :-) I thought the show that Josh and Dave did competing to make the fastest plane or planes from the Disney movie, really brought the best out of both of them. With these high winds we get...