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  1. Marki Mark

    Aerodynamics question

    I am building the FT Explorer from scratch and I ran into a small problem. My foamboard is not big enough to cut out an entire wing from this build. If I make each of the wings 5cm (2 inch) shorter I can make it. Will this small difference in wing span (10cm/4 inch total) affect my plane's...
  2. P

    How to Calculate Wing Size for Plane Weight

    Does anybody know of a good method for calculating the wing size (wingspan / area) needed for a planes overall weight. Is there a simple formula that can be used to work this out? Google'd a few sites but they seem to either contradict each other or explain it in a way even a NASA engineer would...
  3. ExAir

    Foamboard Scratchbuilding Challenge: Largest Wingspan

    Here is a challenge to take foamboard scratchbuilding techniques to the maximum: HUGE WINGSPAN! I've created a contest for building the largest wingspan scratchbuilt foamboard RC airplane using the Armin Wing airfoil technique and capable of controlled electric-powered flight for 60 seconds...