world record

  1. CatholicFlyer

    RC Spaceflight

    I watched yesterday the video that David did in reaching the Stratusphere and I was thinking, use the same method, weather balloon to lift it to the same height and use two large rocket engines in the vehicle, but instead of foam, maybe foam on the inside, but on the outside, something that...
  2. DharanFlyer

    Call for World Record Attempt Media

    Hello everyone. I decided to do a new thread just in case people aren't checking the old thread. I have a DropBox set up to collect all media (pictures and video) of the World Record Attempt. That we completed! Flite Test has the official version of what I need, but I want to give them every...
  3. F

    Call the FAA and let them know ( Max height test )

    I cant do this I live within 3 miles of Niagara Falls Airbase!!! Lets see an episode where you take any drone and lets put some sorta super range extender on it and the radio, send it straight up, with an altimeter, (Hi my name is Mr Timiter; Mr. Ale Timiter, I'm a test pilot.) and either...