Call for World Record Attempt Media


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Hello everyone.

I decided to do a new thread just in case people aren't checking the old thread.

I have a DropBox set up to collect all media (pictures and video) of the World Record Attempt. That we completed!

Flite Test has the official version of what I need, but I want to give them every possible piece of proof we can provide of how awesome this event was. First this will just cement the chances they approve it. Second the more we can give them in the way of awesome media the more likely it will be featured in the book or online.

Please email me directly ( or message me your email on the PM here and I will grant you permission to upload items to the DropBox.


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I have posted this in other threads, but wouldn't it be nice if FT were able to give all pilots who completed the event a certificate? I'm sure Guinness book wouldn't do it, but a simple certificate from FF would mean the world to a lot of us.


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What? We don't get certificates! Why not?

I came,I flew!and 178 others!we all should be able to pay Guinness world records for a certificate after the record is certified.