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  1. Aviator08

    2019 Fantasy Aircraft Design & Build Challenge. X-Wing fighter

    So this will make a good reason to revisit the X-wing. Earlier attempt wasn't very successful , but that was largely do to the pusher prop being chewed up before it could even get off the ground. ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it ) I think this time i will start with a small park flier...
  2. T

    VTOL X-Wing Project

    G'day, I'm Tristan and I'm from Australia. I'll begin by firstly stating that I've had basically no experience with multirotors or RC planes. But I've been watching FliteTest religiously for a couple of years now, and I've learned a hell of a lot. I'll also apologise for the crude, scrap-booky...
  3. B

    EDF X-wing possible?

    This build idea is beyond my skills... for now, just learning here. I've been toying with the idea of a scale EDF X-wing for a while but know it'd be an extremely difficult build just for the air frame and balance, knowing next to nothing about EDFs pushes it too far into the red to try, what...
  4. Habakkukk

    Star Wars X-Wing proof of concept flight

    Ok so I'm planning on building a large 60in by 64in x-wing powered by 4 64mm edf's. I started the process by building a half scale version as a pusher. The concept worked great, it's essentially a bi-wingwith forward swept wings in x-configuration. The forward sweep gives great elevator control...
  5. Rames

    X-Wing feasibility study

    I've seen a few RC x-wings on the web (there's even a trainer in this forum). But they usually have a canard up front or a pusher/slot prop. All creative and viable ideas, but I've been thinking about something a bit more scale looking with EDFs. However, many challenges to overcome. My first...