1. Sneery

    Choosing/Using a charger (No idea)

    I have a battery, then realized, hey, no way to charge this thing. Looked at some chargers on Amazon, and found something called a parallel charging board (Board Link) for $11. It fits my XT30 battery, but should I go with something else? Also, what the heck is a parallel charging board and how...
  2. hbb3367

    JST connectors on batteries

    Funny coincidence: Last week I was watching Josh on the Sparrow build, and while he was doing the electronics he mentioned they were moving from JST to XT30 or XT60 connectors on batteries and ESC's. He mentioned that a JST could be connected backwards. I was a bit disappointed, as I have...
  3. D

    Mini series power connector: JST or XT30?

    I was wondering it almost looks like the Flight test guys are going to start using XT30 on their mini builds. What do you use? JST (red plug)? XT30? I currently use W.S.Dean's on my Quad Copters but JST on my FT Tiny Trainer.