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  1. pugslypoo

    Xugong pro v2 with gimbal and easy uhf pro build. 875.00

    XuGong V2 Pro bran new, built within the last 8 months Comes with ezuhf module and receiver. . (Disclaimer, I recreated a new thread because the original sale fell through.) Will not part out. Excellently built with a lot of time and thought. XuGong v2 Pro Frame Kit $200.00 XuGong Gimbal...
  2. I

    Good 400 to 500 size quadcopters?

    I am looking into buying a 400 or 500 size quadcopter to be used for some sport flying, as well as some aerial photography. So far I have looked at the Xugong Pro, QAV400, as well as the Cinetank Mk2. Is there any other good frames in this size bracket (400 to 500)? I would like to have the...