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Good 400 to 500 size quadcopters?

I am looking into buying a 400 or 500 size quadcopter to be used for some sport flying, as well as some aerial photography. So far I have looked at the Xugong Pro, QAV400, as well as the Cinetank Mk2. Is there any other good frames in this size bracket (400 to 500)? I would like to have the ability to carry a gimbal, but also be able to fly without it (thats why the QAV400 looked good). Thanks for the help.
I have the Cinetank MK2 and absolutely love it, footage is rock steady with no balancing on my props. It is also fast when you want it to be. When I was deciding it was mainly between the Cinetank Mk2 and the QAV400, (Xugong wasn't out yet), I went with the Cinetank because I thought it was more versatile. Customer support is also excellent in my experience so far.
I have a QAV400, it's rock solid and flies very smoothly.

I like the Xugong Pro and wouldn't mind having one myself, but I don't think it would be good for sport flying. The reason why I think this is because the main chassis compartment hangs from the arm assembly and the vibration dampers are in tension, so with aggressive flying I would imagine you have a higher risk of them separating or tearing. On the Cinetank and QAV designs the vibration dampers are going to be loaded in compression during agressive manuevers and they are less likely to fail in this mode. But this is just my personal opinion.
Is is fairly easy to put a gimbal on the cinetank? I know on the QAV400 it is very quick and easy. I have never used a gimbal before, so i have no experience, but I hear they are hard to setup. I was also looking at the Vector flight controller, do you have any experience with it, or any other suggestions for a flight controller?