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2012 Olympic competitors


New member
This isn't about cheese or lint but.....
Do you have a local athlete competing?
Lets hear about them.

I will start this out. Locally we have a young lad whom I've been watching run by my house for almost 12 years.
We nicknamed him Forrest because he runs 40 kms a day 6 days a week.
His real name is Cameron Levins.
He just finished his last year at Southern Utah University.
My community of a whopping 3000 residents are Extremely proud.
He just won the NCAA outdoor meets in 5,000m and 10,000m
He'll be wearing the Canadian flag running the 5,000 meter in London.
Lets hear it from the other forum members.
Congrats. Love the Olympics, just wish NBC in the states did a better job of coverage. I dont know anyone athletes, I did have a cousin who participated in the 84 Olympics as a shotputter. No meddle but he was our family star at the time