Build another!
Thanks for this DutchRC! I'm very interested in this as my batteries for summer flight are few and I'm considering getting more. Particularly for use in the Tundra if I can keep it flying long enough between 'incidents' anyway. ;)



Howdy people :)
I've been without internet for a week over here, but I'm doing my best to get some tests out there ASAP :)

Howdy peoples.. I did me another test with them Graphene lipo's.. This time I asked the Traxxas Aton what he made of them new HK lipo's :)

I let a friend run a test on his quad (450 Dji with GPS and stuff) and we ran it for about 18 minutes and down to 4%.
No sag until the Lipo was basically empty. Impressive. 2916 mAh back into the LiPo. I never go that far when using it on my FT planes, still only using 45-50 % 1360-1500mAh. But now I have a log on the discharge and can adjust my settings accordingly. Great LiPo so far.
I found the graphene is like the regular batteries.

What type of application? In my user case I use them for my 260 quad, my FT Spit and the FT Storch.
I only own the "low end" 3000 15C 3S batteries. Compared to the 2200 35-70C 3S Nanotechs I gain about 25% more mAh and only 7,5% more weight and a much better discharge curve. Even when I have use the Graphene down 75-80% I still can do punch-outs and WOT without the voltage sagging. There is another thing that separates them, charging cycles. According to test @ rcgroups, they should survive about 1000 recharges @ more than 3C. But I don't fly that often so I might return with the results in about two years or so. I only have about 25 cycles on them so far. No puffing, no heat and a good quality build. Just like regular "cheap" LiPos? Not even close in my limited experience.