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3rd plane suggestion


Junior Member
hey my names chris i was wondering if there is any advice for me on 3rd plane options. i started of with a super cub and then a parkzone ultra micro p-51 and i have out grown that, iam looking for a war bird or if i could at this stage an ultra micro edf like the eflite a-10 warthog,cheers


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Try building an FT design! There are plenty to choose from with a wide variety of flight envelopes.

You might even find that you would in the future want to build your own design because you have a plane that you really like but no one makes it and therefore building your own would be good experience.

An FT Spitfire would be fun and of course you could then up engine the design later or even fit undercarriage, (possibly retracts), to suit your growing skill level.

Builders make great repairers and you could grow your air fleet at minimal cost and easily keep them all flying.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Mustang or Spitfire are simple builds but you have to live with the selection. Search the articles and select something that appeals to you!

Help is always available should you strike any problems and if you want a simpler way to start look in the FT store to find what kits are available that appeal to you.