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5 FRCFoamies Planes in Parkjets Top 10!!!

Boxermad84 (Jamie Rothwell) is a modest guy. I got a Kik message from him saying "the F15 mk2 went straight to No.1" on Parkjets.com." and that's it. Well, I think its a great accomplishment and a testament to his design talents, so I am posting it!! Our planes are now:
#1- F15 Mk2
#3- SU37/35 Mk2
#4- Eurofighter EDF
#7- Cargo Twin
#10- F15 MK1
Great Work Jay!!! For those who may now know, Jay and I partnered up last year. He does the design sketchup work, I help with testing, set up, documentation and Web site design. I am proud to be associated with such an amazing designer!
Check out our plans on Parkjets as well as more offerings on our website:
Thank you guys, we are flattered! Looking forward to doing the Baby Blender after the Dehavilland Mosquito is buttoned up. I like the look of the spitfire too after seeing Newt's at NEAT fair.