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6 pounds thrust on 4 pounds of Foam.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
This last summer, I acquired two Flyzone sensei, well used, after an RC flight academy. When I returned home, the bearings were seized in one of the planes. After a great deal of thoughtlessness, I ordered this: Hobbyking Donkey 820kv Brushless Motor, and this: Hobbyking SS Series 90-100A ESC, and this:Turnigy 3600mAh 4S 30C Lipo Pack
And a 12x8 prop. the final product weighed 4.3 pounds, with extra CF rods every where.
I gave it full throttle, tossed it, and it flew pretty much stock... for about 3 minutes, then I lost an Aileron. Stupid foam Hinges! The attempted recovery resulted in a lawn dart, but amazingly the electronics survived. Hmm, may be not brilliant, but Awesome for that flight!:cool:
Oh well.
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