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747, Bagram Airfield


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In many combat zones, flightcrews will initiate a steep climbout on takeoff to avoid enemy fire.
This is what can happen if you allow your airspeed to get too slow- a takeoff stall.
Normally, even with training airplanes, you practice takeoff stalls at 3,000 foot altitudes.
To stall an airplane this size at low altitude, there is no hope of recovery.



Maintain thy airspeed, lest the earth arise and smite thee, and thou shalt surely perish.

Godspeed, aircrew.
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There's reports that there might have been a load shift. Aircraft had 5 large vehicles loaded. Can't confirm if its rumor or from radio traffic as it went down. Being in the Air Force fire dept we get info like that.

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At least it wasn't a passenger jet. Prayers for the crew and their families.

It was interesting to watch it stall, the way it dropped a wing and then pancaked in almost flat. I just learned a lot about 747's.
As a witness to this event while stationed here at Bagram Air Base. I can tell you that it was a load shift. Pretty bad day here at Bagram on Monday
I have to admit it was troubling, but what was more troubling is the knot head who violated OPSEC and posted that video before approved. TaliBan claimed responsibility even before we had an opportunity to investigate and surely caused a lot of unnecessary comotion, here at Bagram and back at home with the families of the vicitims.
Probably not a lot of us wondered if the load master was onboard and a lot of the vehicles that were the cargo were melted. A lot of information I am sure will not be revealed but it was a civillian aircraft and I am not sure how much the company will release either.

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That's terrible in every way. It sucks the way terrorists just claim things like that and add insult to injury. It sucks when people aren't respectful and post things to try to be the first without regard to consequences. It sucks for the crew and all their families and all who were involved like yourself. At least someone will learn from their mistakes.