A bit late to the party it seems, but here's my FMS Alpha Jet RC build.


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Seems like I was late to the party with this one as it was all over the forums 5 years ago, but here's my FMS Alpha Jet RC conversion. Plus another very small foamie jet I've also converted to RC. I was very pleased with my aileron and elevator solutions with the Alpha and no, I wasn't brave enough to go the EDF route with this one as I wanted to keep it light. Next time maybe ? 😉 The bubble canopy I made was in another YT video.

You'll see in the video I'm wondering if it'll be underpowered with that little 1104 motor and a 2s and I might try it with a 3s 180mA if that is the case. It gets hot but I'm thinking as long as I go gentle and defo not full chat with it it should be OK? What do you think?

Maidens for both will happen when we get a break in this awful weather! Plus the Lidl Mini foam biplane will get a 2nd test flight.