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A bunch of new micros from E-Flite and Parkzone

i swear horizon has their sights set firmly on my wallet. with the recently announced UMX MiG-15 edf (a must-have for me) they have now released a quartet of other micros that are irresistable and all of have the AS3X stability system.

UMX Carbon Cub SS (has nav lights, tow hook and flaps built in and optional floats!)


UMX ASK-21 (includes a Hi-Start launch system and tow-line release)


UMX A6M5 Zero


UM Spitfire Mk IX


for those that havent seen it, here is the MiG:


so much for getting new Koni strut inserts for my car, haha
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How many letters do we ge
UMX Carbon Cub SS (has nav lights, flaps and floats included!)
The link shows the floats as an optional extra. Very cool though. Particularly with some of the non-scale maneuvers in the vid (e.g. knife edge pass).

That ASK looks gorgeous. Would love to get it and the cub for some aerotow.

Hey FT, how about Bix flies the tug while Scott flies the glider?


More combat please...
That little cub looks sweet.
I wish Hobbyzone would offer a brushless version of the LP Supercrcub with ailerons flaps and lights.

That Spitfire looks great too but I think the Funfighters from HobbyKing are more likely to get my limited hobby dollars if I were to get a plane around that size.

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That cub is SWEET!!!!! for 20 bucks you get floats. I love the flaps. Plus it's brushless. If it's aerobatic at all might be the best ultra micro ever.

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Yep, it's sweet. I'm probably going to skip it though to save up for the Blade 500 X. They finally made a bigger heli.
fixed the first post, i guess i was too excited when looking at them and mis-read it, lol.

i think im going to end up with the spitfire, mig and carbon cub.....i just cant resist them. atleast i have a little bit of time to save up before they go on sale, haha.

that cub though.......stick some nice big [scale] tundra tyres on it and you are set!


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Yup,Yup I gotta carbon cub ordered... 5 of us ordered them thru the local hobby shop and we're getting a sweet deal on them too... That ax3s technology is really cool on these little planes....

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The carbon cub would be a great review. It has lots of features and the optional float kit. Do a tandem review with the glider even.

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Probably not the best. Depends on your definition of beginner. If you can already fly four channel, then it's probably a great plane for you. I wouldn't take it up as my first 4 channel plane though.

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I would say that you've got a fighting chance then. I found that with floats on my hobbyzone super cub, the landings were super easy. Keep a little power on and it almost lands itself. The take off was the hardest part because they don't have a water rudder so keeping them straight can be difficult. Once it's in the air it just feels a little heavier but flies just fine. I still do loops and rolls and even hover it with floats since I went to a brushless motor.

Here's it stock.

And with the brushless 480 in waaaay to much wind.

I imagine that the little cub will have the same ease of flight.


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The Mig-15 video really wow-ed me. That lil airplane is definitely covered in the awesome sauce. Once I learn to fly well enough I'll have to get one. Maybe by that time you'll have a Mig-21 for me too.